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The company's lawyers "Urotdel" have procured the resumption of pension payment for Ukrainian citizen residing in the United States on a permanent basis.
Оn October 7 in 2009, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine adopted a decision according to which the rules of the pension legislation , which prohibited the payment of pensions to citizens of Ukraine , who left for permanent residence abroad, were found to be inconsistent with the Constitution of Ukraine and no longer in force from the date of the decision . Therefore , citizens of Ukraine who are eligible to retire and live in other countries, have legitimate reasons for a pension , if it has already been appointed earlier . However, the bodies of the Pension Fund denied applicants in the appointment and renewal of retirement, referring to the lack of a legal mechanism for implementing the pension rights of citizens of this category.
The company's lawyers "Urotdel" have proven in court that a citizen's right to a pension is an inalienable right that cannot be infringed by place of residence of the pensioner. The court upheld the position of lawyers about the fact that there are currently no law that would regulate in details the question of the imposition and pension payment to citizens who live abroad, is not a cause for failure to state this right.

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